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Press Release: CyberCopy Celebrates 25 Years of Printing

By Angelica Jones

April 22, 2022, 11:527 AM

CyberCopy Graphic and Prints Solutions celebrates 25th years in business, producing custom environmental graphics, company signs, marketing materials, and art prints for clients like ESPN Zone, Dole Headquarters, and Community Memorial Hospital.

Over the years, customers brought us unique creative projects so we listened and added more services to meet their needs. Today we’re a 3M-certified licensed graphics and signage installer and produce authentic museum-grade art prints.

Notable Past Projects

These are custom projects CyberCopy has worked on over the years:

For a Grammy after-party in LA, CyberCopy created and installed a custom table-top with back-printed acrylic, cut into triangles, and installed in a mosaic fashion on the bar surface.

For Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, CyberCopy designed, produced, and installed a custom timeline of the hospital’s history.

For the construction of the Ventura Triangle, a mixed-use condo complex, we provided-last minute temporary signage needed for an inspection.

For the new Dole Headquarters in Westlake Village, we printed and installed window graphics, a company timeline, and custom wallcoverings featuring branded graphics.

For ESPN Zone, we printed and installed custom wallcoverings, magnetic inter-changeable posters, and branded graphics.

For Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, we produced custom wooden road sign, parking signs, campus signs.


For the LAX International Airport in Los Angeles for the Automated People Mover project produced by LINXS and LAWA, CyberCopy produces lobby signs, construction graphics, communications materials, and blueprinting services.

For the Moxi Museum in Santa Barbara, CyberCopy has been producing much of the marketing and exhibit graphics and signage since it’s opening in 2017.

For artist, Paige Peters, CyberCopy scans her original paintings and creates "giclee" pigment prints that Paige sells for additional revenue


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