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Document Scanning

Scan paper documents to turn them into digital format. Documents will be easier to access and share. Plus it saves space. 

We can pick up and deliver documents.

On-site scanning option available. 

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Our Scanning and Indexing Process

Document scanning may be the proper fit for you if your historical records are falling apart, there are many boxes of documents taking up space in your office, or you're spending hours looking for documents.

Turn your paper documents into electronic format and save the files to the cloud, a hard drive, a thumb drive, or any other method you prefer. 

We scan the original paper documents and digitally archive them in any manner you choose. For example, choose Optical Character Recognition (OCR) if you'd like to perform keyword searches on your documents. 

Once documents are in digital format, you'll be able to pull up any documents quickly you need for reference or share with colleagues.

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