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Managed Print Services
Cost Recovery Software
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Outsource your printing needs to us. We can make recommendations on which printing equipment is best for your needs, install the printer, and provide IT support and paper and toner when needed.


Purchase or lease one printer or hundreds of printers for your organization's unique needs. 

Cost Recovery Software

Printing a lot for your client's projects? Recover your printing costs with client and project print tracking and billing. Our Argos Sepialine software allows you to track exactly how much is printed for each project through an application installed on each user's computer. 

Managed Print Services

Still have questions or need consultation? We're here to help.
Already know what you need? ​


Are you looking for way to focus on your core business and are okay with outsourcing certain support functions? CyberCopy offers a complete range of managed print services from printer/copier/scanner leasing and service to a complete turnkey on-site document service center including staffing. CyberCopy's managed print services saves our clients' time and money. 

  • Quick Support

  • Optimized Printer Fleets

  • Easy-to-Use Equipment

  • Improved Process


Don't pay for a printing bill again and make printing a revenue-generating business. The vast majority of architects are charging their clients for printing expenses (in-house printing and outsourced printing).


Argos Sepialine Cost Recovery Software allows you to easily keep track of all printing in your office and then it puts everything together in a neat package for you -- you'll know exactly how many prints each employee printed and for which project.

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