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Private Planroom

Public Planroom

Digital Planroom.png

Digital Planrooms

Access public and private construction planrooms here.

CyberCopy acts as the central hub of information for thousands of construction projects across Southern California.


Our Construction Information Services (CIM) offer support for every step of your project -- from design concept to bidding, construction, and finally close-out.

Our team of Digital Asset Managers ensure:

  • Speed the flow of information for team collaboration

  • Comprehensive tracking

  • Monitor all project communications


With CyberCopy's document management service and e-Share -- authorized team members can upload, organize, share and track project information throughout the design, bid and construction process. Or CyberCopy's team of Digital Asset Managers will do it for you.


We offer public and private planrooms branded with your company's identity. These cloud based services are hosted for you in a 24/7 secure environment with daily back-ups, RAID 5 redundant disk arrays, enterprise-level firewall, monitored for intrusion, virus and physical security. We help our clients complete their projects on time and on budget.

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