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Commercial Spaces and Custom Wallcoverings: Create a Friendlier Environment

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

With today's digital printing technology you don't need to stare at blank walls anymore at the office, when going to the doctor, staying at a hotel, going to restaurants, or going to class.

This has especially become a concern since the the pandemic where now 70% of corporate center executives and 54% of business unit leaders plan to reconfigure their office space -- which includes custom graphics (McKinsey & Company, 2021). With an increase of remote employees, moral is at risk -- meaning that when staff is returning to the office they want a more refreshed and inviting space to makes them feel more connected to their company and team culture. This brings us to custom wallcoverings, which are digitally printed vinyl applied to a wall to visually enhance a space.

The graphic can be a custom design to create a memorable experience for visitors, it can in the form of a mission statement to inspire the work culture, or it can be a donation tribute wall. It can also be an artistic mural or a custom historic timeline of that establishment.

There was a time when wallcoverings had to be printed using harmful chemicals and solvents and they weren't used very often. Now with digital printing technology, custom wallcoverings can be printed on demand, they're environmentally friendlier and even come with environmental certifications. They're safe for children to be around all day in a classroom, and can be used in hospital settings, it's virtually odor-free.

For installation, there are permanent and semi-permanent applications available and thousands of different materials and finishes to choose from. They can be applied with self-adhesive, wallpaper glue, or they can have a water activated self-adhesion. CyberCopy's 3M trained specialists can help you select the best material and adhesion levels based on your specific needs and our licensed installers can install the wallcovering in your space.

Industries That Use Custom Wallcoverings

Healthcare Education Hospitality Office Buildings Retail Outlets Municipalities Multi-Housing

Spaces That Use Custom Wallcoverings Lobby Reception Hallway Office Kitchen Office and open floor spaces Building front Gym Classroom Hotel room Restroom Locker room Elevator

Process for Producing Custom Wallcoverings 1. Create a Design 2. Wall Surface Inspection 3. Measuring 4. Material Recommendation 5. Pre-Printing 6. Installation

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