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Save Time and Money on Your 'Creative Print Projects'

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

On average, for every creative print job produced it requires printing companies 6 to 10 emails back-and-forth to repair provided file production (does the art have bleeds and crop marks?) get missing linked images, repair color issues, and find missing fonts. Each request can slow down a job from a few hours to a few days.

You can keep your job out of the dreaded "File Loop" or "Art Correction Loop" by ensuring you share the proper specs and instructions and respond to your printer in a timely fashion.

Here's the lifecycle of a creative print job -- Notice how the "File Loop" is precisely where the job can get delayed.

Your project will zip through when your art is prepared correctly before sending it to the printer.

Make sure your art files include:

  • Crop marks

  • Bleeds if applicable

  • Colors, built in the appropriate color space

  • All linked assets including photos, graphics, logos and fonts

  • Rasterized images at full resolution (best at 300 dpi at full size or ask us)

  • Die guides for cutting if needed

  • Separate files or layers for spot lamination or textural printing

Make sure your print instructions include:

  • A project description

  • Deadline if there is one

  • Finished piece dimensions and any scaling information

  • Quantity

  • Substrate you want (paper weight, etc)

  • Printing techniques you want

  • Instructions for finishing (trimming, folding, hemming, grommets, lamination, etc)

  • Delivery instructions


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1 Comment

Jeffrey Jonathan
Jeffrey Jonathan
Sep 06, 2022

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